Consejos Sobre el Amor

julio 19, 2012

Oda A Los Buenos Chicos

Por Carolina Partamos del principio de que todavía existen. Son hombres serios y guapos que hablan de lo que saben sin ser pretenciosos, que abren la […]
noviembre 9, 2010

Wanted by many, taken by none

I can understand how dating multiple people can become a ego boost. You’re in high demand, people are jockeying for your time, it’s all about YOU. […]
febrero 26, 2010

15 Signs You’re Meant to be Together

Even when you’re crazy about someone, it can often be hard to know if he or she is «right» for you. How do you know you […]
noviembre 19, 2009

Hurts so Good

There is nothing like the emotions you go through when you are falling for someone. I liken it to what I think falling out of an […]
noviembre 19, 2009

Think Outside the Box

I have pretty much been on all the traditional dates you can imagine. You know, the safe and predictable ones. I know that I am not […]